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Full Ritual BC - Alba

Sorbetto + Essenza + Virtuoso + Vivace + Lumìa + Elisir + Crema + Accordo

Fresh, fragrant, and tempting like a real sorbetto, it is much more than a cleanser.


A truly essential product, delightful from the first to the last drop.


Perfect for balancing, firming, and activating soft and thick skin that tends to become impure and dull, lose its tone, and develop deep wrinkles.


Perfect for soothing, repairing, and protecting sensitive skin prone to irritation and inflammation.


A light that smells of Sicilian citrus fruits.


A precious and extraordinary oil, remarkable in its completeness.


The final, soft caress that completes and envelops all your rituals.


Accordo - Mask Duo
Accord Duo Skin Therapy is an enveloping and deep treatment that renews and pampers the skin.


Add an extra pampering touch to your ritual: with this routine, in addition to the daily steps, you have an exfoliating, antioxidant, and regenerating treatment to apply once or twice a week, depending on your Skin Personality.


Together with Green Future Project we will plant a tree for each order and protect 1 m² of rainforest.


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