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"Studying massage manualities, discovering what and how many elements we have in nature and how we ourselves are nature, are my keys to decoding what a body, skin, face communicates."
Claudia Ferretti, Skin Expert and Facialist

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The skincare rituals and manual techniques offered by Lávika
are the result of a collaboration with Claudia Ferretti, a facialist
and skin expert with 30 years of experience.
Claudia developed her approach to skin care from the influence
that external agents and internal body states have on our skin.
She collaborates over the years with dermatologists,
nutritionists and endocrinologists to study how environment,
lifestyle, personality, physical characteristics and diet impact
skin health.
In addition to using the products best suited to one's Skin
Personality, Claudia is a great believer in the importance of facial
massages and the right manual dexterity in application, on the
one hand to increase the effectiveness of rituals, and on the
other hand to give oneself a loving pampering every day.

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