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Your Skin Personality is CC

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Your Personality

Your calm, steady, and methodical nature makes you a safe haven. You are stable, kind, and welcoming, and you always appreciate diplomacy.

Being so gentle can lead to a general slowdown, both in metabolism and physical activity, potentially causing demotivation, dissatisfaction, excessive attachment to material things, and weight gain.

Your skin

When you're in good health, your skin is smooth, soft, well-hydrated, thick, and resilient.

In difficult or delicate situations, you tend to accumulate mucus, leading to colds, while your skin becomes oily, with the appearance of enlarged pores and blackheads.


The keyword for you is to take action.

Find stimuli to keep yourself moving, reduce fatty foods, and avoid sleeping during the day.

The ritual for your skin should aim to revitalize, warm, and detoxify. Apply the products with energizing movements to stimulate the tissues and muscles.