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Discover more about you

Your personality

Your kindness and openness towards others make you a precious gem. You possess strength and stability, and you know how to listen to and respect those around you. You have a great adaptability.

At times, you tend to worry too much about the future and indulge in laziness and excessive eating, which can have consequences on your digestion and metabolism.

Your skin

When you're in good health, your skin appears particularly strong and resilient.

During moments of imbalance, it may be prone to impurities, cystic acne, and excess sebum in the T-zone.


The keyword for you is self-discipline. Focus on the present moment, avoid negative thoughts about the future, and embrace change. Reduce consumption of foods high in sugar and salt.

The ritual for your skin should aim to drain, rebalance, soothe, and detoxify. Apply products with deep massages to stimulate oxygenation.