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Your Skin Personality is CA

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Your Personality

Your reliable and maternal nature shines with creativity and imagination, making you an eternal surprise. You captivate others with your eccentricity and ability to put everyone at ease.

At times, you struggle to maintain balance and alternate between periods of high activity and states of laziness, melancholy, lack of motivation, and insomnia.

Your skin

When you're in good health, your skin appears smooth, soft, well-hydrated, thick, and resilient.

During moments of imbalance, the skin may experience both dryness and impurities.


The keyword for you is to oxygenate. Seek a balance between stability and extravagance and avoid excesses, even in your diet, by preferring warm foods.

The ritual for your skin should aim to warm and deeply hydrate. Apply the products with deep, gentle, and slow massages, focusing on expression lines, the eye area, and nasolabial lines.