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Your Skin Personality is AC

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Your Personality

Within you, two bright souls coexist: one eccentric and one gentle. With your wisdom and reflective ability, you perfectly balance your creative flair.

Due to this duality, during moments of stress, you may tend to veer towards hyperactivity and anxiety or, conversely, towards laziness and drowsiness.

Your skin

When you're in good health, your skin appears thin and well-hydrated.

In conditions of imbalance, it can become both dry and oily in different areas of the face. It may lose its radiance, and appear dull or grayish.


The keyword for you is to warm up. Maintain the right balance between your more whimsical side and your milder side, without going to extremes.

The ritual for your skin should aim to warm, nourish, relax, and oxygenate. Apply the products with slow but deep massages.