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Your Skin Personality is Ab

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Your Personality

You have a contagious passion and optimism. Your determination and curiosity give you the energy to pursue your goals, which you achieve by combining imagination and organizational skills.

Your lively and fast-paced nature can sometimes clash with your warmer side, leading to hypersensitivity and irritability.

Your skin

When you're in good health, your skin appears thin, luminous, and rosy.

In situations of imbalance, it tends to be dry and irritable. Nutrients are not properly assimilated, leading to flaky and red skin.


The keyword for you is self-control. Avoid overdoing it in your daily activities, even if you feel tireless. Remember to maintain a balance in your passions.

The ritual for your skin should aim to nourish and hydrate the tissues and soothe irritations. Apply the products with gentle, light, and prolonged patting motions to promote absorption and avoid sensitizing the skin.