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Your Skin Personality is AA

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Your Personality

Your energy is overflowing. You are a dynamic, creative person, always full of ideas and guided by instinct. You love change and move with enviable lightness.

Your tireless and constantly active nature can lead you to experience stress, causing nervousness, tension, and anxiety, with consequences even on your sleep.

Your skin

When you're in good health, your skin appears thin, radiant, hydrated, and free from enlarged pores.

During periods of imbalance caused by stress, the skin can become dry, rough, thickened, dull, sensitive to cold, and may develop some fine wrinkles. The hyperactivity that characterizes you generates oxidative waste (free radicals) which, with age, can lead to the formation of age spots.


The keyword for you is to slow down. Slow down the pace of your daily activities, eat warm meals, and don't skip meals.

The ritual for your skin should aim to warm, hydrate, relax, and oxygenate the tissues of your face and body: apply products with deep, gentle, and slow massages.